Mission statement

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(ar) Welcome to www.atemschutzunfaelle.eu!

We, the Team of the German private site Atemschutzunfaelle.eu, are members of public and private fire departments from Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Our main goal is to improve the safety of BA crews, prevent injuries or even casualties and provide information on the latest techniques, tactics and findings.

To this purpose we analyze accidents that occurred in the past in Germany, Europe in general, America (especially the United States), Asia and Africa. In conclusion to our findings we can state that the five main reasons for casualties while performing interior firefighting are as followed:

To limit the consequences of these incidents we try to provide the latest developments in technologies related to firefighting, new tactical approaches (even from abroad (outside Germany)) and help by choosing the appropriate turn out gear and equipment (considering legal standards as well as practical considerations).

Moreover, we cover problems that occurred with equipment in general - especially the SCBA systems - so that everyone who may have the same problem can find information.

What's more, we provide information on training facilities in Germany and foreign countries, especially the US and Sweden.

At our download section you can find a many high-quality training material for your department, next to analyses of accidents (and ways to prevent them happening).

Atemschutzunfaelle.eu (what by the way translated means accidents during BA operations) participates in many different events (some of them can be found in the reference section) to improve the knowledge of firefighters in many European countries.